The Man Who Used A Drone To Score A Bunnings Sausage

The Man Who Used A Drone To Score A Bunnings Sausage

Ever felt like a Bunnings sausage, but didn’t want to put pants on and leave the house – or your hot tub? Of course you have.

Well, join me in crowning our new national hero – the man who may have possibly achieved the Aussie-est thing ever. He sent his drone to get a sausage for him. Unfortunately, it may be costing him a lot more than $2.50 for the local footy club.

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Slipping a tenner into an envelope featuring some simple instructions, our new best mate achieved the great Australian dream. But he might have landed himself in hot water with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

You see, there’s rules for drones. And flying on down to the local hardware store for a snag on bread doesn’t exactly fall inside them.

You can’t fly closer than 30 metres to vehicles, boats, buildings or people, over “populous” areas like as beaches, heavily populated parks, or sports ovals while they are in use and in controlled airspace, which covers most Australian cities, you must not fly higher than 120 metres (400 feet) above the ground.

And since the video ended up going viral (well before we wrote about it, don’t blame us) and he sold the rights to a “viral video company” guess what that means? It’s a commercial operation now – which needs licensing for the pilot and and registration for the drone.

So it turns out he’s looking facing fines of up to $9000. Oops.