Target’s Sale On 2016’s Best Video Games Is Unreal

Target’s Sale On 2016’s Best Video Games Is Unreal

Titanfall 2: $36.

Dishonored 2: $45.

Uncharted 4: $39.

Goddamn, this is quite the video game sale.

Usually video game sales feature older games, stores trying to clear stock. Target’s latest sale is different. This sale features pretty much every blockbuster game released in the last 12 months. And the prices are amazing.

– Fifa 17 is $52

– Titanfall 2 is $36

– Battlefield 1 is $51

– Dishonored 2 is $45

– Watchdogs 2 is $52

– Destiny Collection is $59

– Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is $52

– Skyrim Special Edition is $45

– No Mans Sky is $39

– Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is $35

– Uncharted 4 is $39

– Rise of the Tomb Raider is $49

That right there is a powerful list of video games.

Target’s also selling the PlayStation 4 for an awesome price: the 500GB PS4 will be available for $309.

This is a limited sale. It starts November 25 and finishes three days later on November 28. I’m guessing it’s working as a loss leader for smart folks doing their early Christmas shopping. Either way — this a great chance to get some brilliant video games for an amazing price.