Seriously, What The Hell Is Going On With The Zords In The Power Rangers Movie

Seriously, What The Hell Is Going On With The Zords In The Power Rangers Movie

Ever since its first reveals, we knew the Power Rangers film would skew its Zord design away from the prehistoric animals of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and toward something more alien than fans might expect. The first look at the rest of the team Zords though, shows just how weird it’s getting.

Early review copies of the recently revealed Megazord movie toy have made their way to various Power Rangers YouTubers for videos released today to tie in the launch of the movie’s fansite, Ranger Nation. One such review from MMPRToys shows off the packaging for the massive figure, which features new images of each individual Zord that makes up the combining mecha.

While we’ve already seen the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, this is the first time we’ve seen the Zords of the Pink, Blue, Black and Yellow rangers — and while some look a bit more like the prehistoric animals each ranger represents, some just look downright weird. Here’s Pink Rangers Pterodactyl Zord, probably one of the few of the Zords that still looks a bit like its predecessor:

Then the Yellow Ranger’s Sabertooth Tiger Zord — which has a giant gun on it but otherwise, sure, looks vaguely like a Sabertooth Tiger but with more metallic bits:

The Blue Ranger’s Triceratops Zord has an odd number of legs for a triceratops — although that’s still more realistic than the original, which rolled around on tracks — but once again, at least sort of looks like it’s in the shape of a Triceratops:

And then… the Black Ranger’s Mastodon:

All the other Zords are least still look a little their respective animals from the shows, but I have no idea what the hell this thing is meant to be. It has eight legs! Is it secretly the the brain bug from Starship Troopers? Whatever it is, it’s not a Mastodon. Which is weird, considering we’ve seen the power coins from the movie — which very much feature all of the original prehistoric animals on them, including the Black Ranger’s Mastodon.

The fact that we’ve still not seen this thing actually within the movie itself — and yet we’ve seen a ton of pictures of it toy form — is strange, but this is the closest we’ve got to an official reveal of the movie’s Zords so far. The more and more we see of the Power Rangers movie’s designs, the more alien it gets.