Mini, Candle-Powered Steam Engine Is The Perfect Gift (For Someone)

Image: Amazon

After a unique gift for Christmas? One that goes "choo-choo" and could potentially power the world's most adorable train? Well, this tea candle steam engine from Wilesco could be the ticket, though the price might be a tad too steep for what it is.

Yes, it's a glorified candle holder, but trust me, when you see it in action, you'll realise it's so much more:

It's tiny, weighing just 300g and would look fantastic on pretty much any desk.

The only problem is the price — $US95 ($125), plus $13 shipping from Amazon is quite the ask. That said, if you think it's the ideal present for a certain person, there's only three left in stock at the time of writing. Don't spend too long contemplating your purchase.

[Amazon, via Nerd Approved]

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