Marvel's Inhumans Movie Is Now An Inhumans TV Show, Coming September 2017

It looks like the Inhumans movie is no more. Marvel has just announced that, seemingly instead of seeing the adventures of Black Bolt, Medusa and the Inhuman royal family as a movie, they will now appear in their own TV show on ABC.

The series will be co-produced between Marvel, ABC and IMAX — and in a strange move, will sort of still be a movie event for Marvel next year. The first two episodes of the show will premiere worldwide across IMAX-compatible theatres with a two week exclusivity window, before airing on America's ABC in the spring of 2017.

Although the Inhumans have slowly begun to be introduced on TV through Agents of SHIELD, that world will be blown right open in The Inhumans — which will indeed tell the story of Black Bolt and the Royal Family. No other character names were mentioned, but expect the likes of Medusa, Crystal and Gorgon to be joining the series.

We'll bring you more on the Inhumans TV show as and when we learn it.


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