Lunch Time Deals: A Slick Vinyl Turntable For $320

Image: Pro-Ject

Vinyl is back, baby. Everyone is getting on board the vinyl train — more and more LPs are being sold every year, and there are some beautiful-looking records out there. But to play them, you need an equally pretty turntable, and JB Hi-Fi has the one for you.

This Pro-Ject Debut Classic is a JB exclusive, and all this week it's 40 per cent cheaper with the big-box electronics retailer's weekly discount email. It's usually $529, but the discount brings it down to $317.40, plus $9.95 shipping if you don't have a JB Hi-Fi nearby to pick up from.

The Debut Classic is made by hi-fi company Pro-Ject Audio, one of the most well-known turntable companies in the world. It's heavy and it has all the right specs for a half-decent vinyl listening setup. I don't know anything about the Debut Classic's sound quality, but I do know that it looks nice. And that's important, right?

To get the unique code for your own cheap sexy turntable, you've got to sign up to JB's Instant Deals mailing list. [JB Hi-Fi / Pro-Ject Audio]

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