Lunch Time Deals: A Fitbit Alta For Under $100

Image: Fitbit

Fitbit's Alta is the fitness tracker that anyone that wants a fitness tracker should buy: it's small and comfortable, versatile, and has excellent battery life. At $169 it's decent value but Officework's sub-$100 price makes it properly tempting.

When we reviewed the Alta we praised its battery life and the amount of info it crammed into its tiny screen — if you tap on it, you can switch between time and distance and calories burned and so on. It fulfills all the criteria for a good fitness tracker in that you can wear it all the time, and you can have it (relatively) accurately track the most important stats — sleep, daily movement, and exercise — automatically.

Officeworks has the Alta in small and large band sizes and a variety of colours — teal, blue, black and plum — for $98. That's a pretty significant drop from the $169 it debuted at, and unless you really want a chunkier and more capable Charge 2 there's no reason to spend more than Officeworks is asking. [Officeworks]

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