LEGO Made A Miniature Working Version Of The Panama Canal

Have you ever wondered how the largest ships in the world are able to cross Panama as they make their way from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic? The locks system in the Panama Canal are a modern engineering marvel, and how they work is now cleverly explained through this new LEGO Education set.

The 1184-piece set features four levels of the canal, separated by sliding gates that seal off each section so that the water levels can be raised and lowered. It's all simulated on this model using hand cranks, adjustable platforms and tiny versions of the massive freighters that usually pass through.

Don't expect to find this set at your local toy store, or even LEGO store. It's only being made available in Panama, and only 40,000 sets are being manufactured. They will be available come December. If you're a die-hard LEGO fan and must have this model for your collection, you will undoubtedly be able to find the set online, just be prepared to pay a lot more than the $US250 ($331) LEGO is asking for it.

[Facebook - Panama STEM via Brickset]

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