Kate Beckinsale Is Reborn In The Latest Trailer For Underworld: Blood Wars

Video: Things are going according to plan at the start of the new trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars. Dark setting, werewolves, slow motion gun fights... but then something happens. Kate Beckinsale's character goes North to the Wall.

Wait, wrong franchise. Though, things certainly take a Game of Thrones turn there for a second. Then they meet Elsa from Frozen and through her, Seline is "reborn" into some kind of non-stop killer ghost. Check it out.

I have no idea what's happening in this trailer but, I must say, Selene's rebirth into a mink-wearing mist definitely turns things up a notch. It gives an otherwise expected story (a new villain rising) a kick in the teeth. Which is probably a good thing for a fifth film in a franchise.

Underworld Blood Wars, directed by Anna Foerster, opens December 1.


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