It Took 260km/h Winds To Kill South Australia's Power Grid

It took "one of the most significant severe thunderstorm outbreaks in recent decades", with seven tornadoes and a storm producing phenomenally damaging wind speeds, to bring down South Australia's power grid and cause a blackout in late September. Although the national electricity market operator and conservative commentators were quick to blame renewable energy, it's now clear that the entire network was at risk -- and the blackout could have been lessened had precautionary steps been taken.

RenewEconomy reports on the Bureau of Meteorology's investigation into the 28 September thunderstorms, saying that a series of travelling localised tornadoes destroyed transmission lines and crumpled towers near Wilmington and Blyth in central South Australia -- not any issue related to renewable energy. The wind speeds recorded are similar to those measured when Cyclone Tracy effectively leveled Darwin on Christmas Day in 1974.

A total of 22 towers being destroyed between Adelaide and northern South Australia caused a cascading power overload that caused the statewide blackout, starting at 3:48PM and lasting for several hours through the night. Despite the warnings of impending damaging storms from the BOM, Australia's AEMO continued to run the energy-transferring interconnector between South Australia and Victoria.

AEMO will submit a response to the Bureau of Meteorology's statements in its December report into the blackout. The energy market operator continued to run the inter-state interconnector at "near full capacity" until the blackout occurred, according to RenewEconomy, and then shifted blame onto South Australia's installed renewables -- the state is the largest producer of wind energy in Australia.

[RenewEconomy / Bureau of Meteorology]

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    I didn't realise that sucking up all that sunlight, and pulling power out of the air could cause such bad storms!

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