Hideo Kojima Is Coming To Australia

Hideo Kojima Is Coming To Australia

You probably don’t remember the last time Hideo Kojima visited Australia. For some reason I do. He visited this strange, one-off games event in Perth.

Almost ten years ago.

But Kojima is coming. He is blessing us with his presence at RTX Sydney (the Rooster Teeth Expo) early next year. To celebrate, here is a supplied photograph of Hideo Kojima thoughtfully holding a globe.

You’re welcome.

“We’re thrilled to host Hideo Kojima at RTX Sydney.” said Cameron Rooney, Co-Director of RTX Sydney. “You can’t go far in games culture before you learn Kojima-san’s name, and I know this is going to be an incredible experience for the fans coming to RTX.”

The current plan: Hideo Kojima will be speaking on a panel alongside Kinda Funny Games’ Greg Miller to discuss “the future of game development and Mr. Kojima’s storied history as one of the medium’s greatest innovators.”

RTX takes place on February 4 and February 5 next year at the new International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. You can get tickets here.

I look forward to the many photographs of Australian cuisine that will no doubt appear on Kojima’s Twitter feed during this special time. May I heartily recommend the ribs from Hurricane’s, which is right next to the Convention Centre. They are very delicious.

True story, in my 10 years writing about video games for a living, I have peed next to Hideo Kojima on two separate occasions. In 2017, I hope to go for the hat trick.