Here's Five Aussie Suburbs That Didn't Exist Five Years Ago

Image: Nearmap

To celebrate World Geographic Information Systems Day — yep, that's a thing — aerial imagery and data visualisation company Nearmap has put together before and after images, with accompanying transition GIFs, of five suburbs around Australia that have sprung up out of nowhere in the last five years. It's actually pretty cool to see communities grow from dusty, empty land.

Australia's population hit 24 million in February of this year, 17 years faster than predictions made in the year 2000 expected it to. That means a lot of new houses and townhouses and apartment complexes on previously empty land around the country's suburban and rural areas. Here's how they actually came into being.

Clyde North, VIC

Muirhead, NT

North Mango Hill, QLD

Oran Park, NSW

South Karnup, WA

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