B&O Play's New A2 Active Speaker Is Hardcore, NATO-Grade Sound

Image: B&O Play

B&O Play's line of fresh, stylish Bluetooth speakers just got a new outdoor-friendly member. The A2 Active is an everything-proof version of the Beoplay A2 that we know and love, and brings all of the smart updates from the A1 to the larger, louder boombox.

The 1.1kg BeoPlay A2 Active is dust and splash resistant, and updates the A2 with the faster, more versatile USB Type-C connector that we liked on the A1, which also means you can plug it straight into your (compatible) phone or laptop for playback if you don't want to use Bluetooth. It has a battery capable of 24 hours of playback, and if you're feeling especially cashed up you can buy two and pair them using the Beoplay app for iOS.

The standout feature of the A2 Active is a durable NATO watch strap at the end, rather than the A2's leather, which B&O Play says is inspired by the watches British soldiers wore during World War II. Otherwise the design is mostly unchanged from the Cecilie Manz design of the original. It'll set you back a princely $599 to pick up one of the A2 Actives, and you'll get both straps with either the Stone Grey or Natural colours — out today. [B&O Play]

Images: B&O Play

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