Bad News: EB Games Is Officially Sold Out Of The Mini NES

Were you trying to get hold of a miniature NES Classic Edition today? Or yesterday? Well, bad luck: EB Games is all sold out.

An update on EB Games' Facebook page delivered the bad news, in typical EB Games not-really-enough-information style:

"Thank you for your patience. The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Console has now sold out."

Sold out? Until when? For all of December? Until 2017? Forever? Who knows. Probably not EB.

For what it's worth, EB Games' website is still down, two hours after another batch of NES Classic Mini pre-orders apparently went live at midday.

Facebook commenters, predictably, aren't happy.

And from Twitter...

It's a tough day to be a social media manager for EB Games, that's for sure.

If you're still looking to pick up a Nintendo Classic Mini NES via other means, you might want to head here.

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