A Blind Jedi Uses The Force In This Beautiful Star Wars Fan Film

Video: We know - yet another Star Wars fan film. They're a dime a dozen. But, truly, this is a good one. The film is called Hoshino and it's directed by Stephen Vitale. In it, an overeager young apprentice (Anna Akana) challenges her master (Tim McKernan) over the use of a lightsaber. Check it out.

There are some great nods to the original trilogy in there, such as mynocks and a not-so-subtle reference to Darth Vader's pyre. But more than that, in a few short minutes, you get a real sense of the apprentice character. She's anxious, curious and ultimately harmed for it. You want to know more, and that's a mark of a good short.

For more of Vitale's work, visit his official site. And check out this making-of video.


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