Vanessa Williams Is A Tough As Nails General In The First Images Of Her In The Librarians 

Our heroes at The Librarians may have taken on the greats of Arthurian legend and the wiliest of literature's villains, but Vanessa Williams' General Cynthia Rockwell is honestly the scariest. After all, what's magic compared to government backing? Images: TNT

We have the first look at Williams as Rockwell, and it looks like she's interrogating people with the help of some men in black. Look at her sucking all the air out of a room even when she's just in the background:

Rockwell will be the head of The Department of Statistical Anomalies, AKA "DOSA". As is traditional in these kinds of shows, DOSA is super-top secret and magically-oriented. With Rockwell in charge, DOSA's mission is to apprehend the Librarians and get the Library's artefacts into the hands of the US government. Where we're sure they will be in totally safe hands.

The Librarians season three premiere, "And the Rise of Chaos", will air November 20 in the US. The show airs on Universal in Australia.

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