UberEATS Is Delivering Free Smashed Avo Around Australia

UberEATS Is Delivering Free Smashed Avo Around Australia

Millenials. Rejoice. You can eat your smashed avo on toast this weekend and save for a house. UberEATS is running a promo that’ll deliver you free smashed avocado directly to your face for zero dollars.

Yep, that’s right, free. If you haven’t used the UberEATS app before, at least. In select areas around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, UberEATS will give you $20 off an order of smashed avocado on toast from a bunch of different upscale cafes in each city.

Here’s the participating restaurants:

Sydney: Three Blue Ducks, John Smith, Stop Valve, 169 Darlinghurst and Well Co. Cafe. $15-$17. Melbourne: Serotonin Eater, Patch Cafe, Joinery, Sardi Cafe, Mr Hubbard Cafe & Larder. $13 – $17. Brisbane: Pawpaw, Pineapple Express, Little Loco, Scout Cafe, Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen. $8 – $16. Perth: Satchmo Cafe, Source Foods, DuoTone, La Veen Coffee. $9 – $17.50. Adelaide: Local Grind, Nagev, The Nourish’d Kitchen, Hello Sarnie, Bar 9 Parkside. $8 – $16.

To find them, you’ve just got to download UberEATS (and set up an account if you haven’t already) — and if you’re in the right delivery area, search for #smashedavo and your closest restaurant will appear. Order some smashed avo on toast — I threw in a poached egg as well, why not — and use the ‘SMASHEDAVO’ promo code for $20 off the total delivery price.

The promo runs from literally right now until midnight on Sunday, 23 October. A few caveats are that you’ll have to be a first-time UberEATS customer, although the company says that if you’re not, you should share your referral code on social media and save yourself $10 off your next order anyway.

Also, P.S, Bernard Salt — all the smashed avo orders are under $20, and delivery is free. Stick that up your house-owning pipe and smoke it.