Twitter: Maybe Subway Ads Will Help?

Twitter: Maybe Subway Ads Will Help?

Twitter’s little blue fowl has been drowning in a birdbath for some time now, but it’s still trying valiantly to lift itself up. Today, in that vein, the company launched a train and street ad campaign. Sure, OK! Image: Twitter

“Today, we’ll bring the expression of Twitter in the world out INTO the world,” reads a company blog post announcing the ads. It appears they will just be running in New York City. The post mentions specific city streets where they can be found, and a tweet includes a photo of a downtown train station:

By the looks of them, the ads could stand to be a little more informative. I actually use Twitter, and even I have no idea what these ads are trying to say. Twitter! Twitter? What?

This isn’t the company’s first approach at more traditional forms of advertising. Last October, it pushed out a television campaign to stoke excitement for its new Moments feature. Unfortunately, that completely backfired, with some calling it “incomprehensible”. A common theme, it appears.

In any case, the timing of the publicity attempt makes sense. News that the company was mulling a sale drummed up a considerable amount of excitementparticularly from investors — but that’s faded since news broke again last week that the rumoured deals might not happen.

The blog post promises even “more work that reflects and highlights the biggest stories unfolding on Twitter today, and every day,” so at least we have that to look forward to.