Transforming Coffee Table Just Keeps Getting Bigger And Bigger

When you're living in a small apartment you need furniture that does more than just sit there looking pretty. This nondescript coffee table, created by Studio Ozeta, magically raises and expands, again and again, to become a dining table capable of seating up to 10 dinner guests.

Watching the Ozzio Newood table transform is almost as satisfying as turning Optimus Prime into a robot, and then back into a truck again, when you were a kid. You'll probably even find yourself making that Transformers sound effect in your head every time you convert the table.

But given all the clever mechanisms hidden inside the Newood table that allow it to expand, it probably comes as no surprise that it's not cheap. You can expect to pay upwards of £2300 ($3700) for this living room multi-tasker, with the final price depending on the type of wood you choose, and how you want the table's legs to be finished.


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