This Invasion Of Kick-Arse Star Wars Furniture Can Only Mean One Thing: It's Time To Redecorate

Although clearly designed for kids and teenagers, if your obsession with Star Wars outweighs your need to be comfortable, these wonderful new furniture pieces from Rooms To Go are as good an excuse as any to redecorate your bedrooms and home office with replicas of your favourite spaceships. Unfortunately these pieces of furniture aren't available in Australia, but if you're really keen and don't mind paying for postage you could always use a mail forwarding service.

Star Wars Landspeeder Bed

The closest thing to a real Star Wars vehicle in the line has to be this orange and grey X-34 Landspeeder bed featuring clever cubby holes for storage where its engines should be. It's $US900 ($1182) without a mattress or a mattress support, but offers the best roleplay bang for your buck.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

You'll feel like you're inside the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon while you drift off to sleep in this $US600 ($788) twin bed, although how can you possibly sleep with the Death Star in the distance and incoming TIE Fighters? The headboard features integrated storage, USB and power outlets for charging gadgets and even wireless Bluetooth speakers for blasting John Williams' Star Wars score.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Desk

You definitely do not want to find yourself caught up in a space battle while working away at this TIE Fighter desk made of powder-coated steel and a glass worktop. But as long as you keep torpedoes and asteroids at bay, it makes for a slick addition to your home office.

Star Wars X-Wing Double Bed

At $US1200 ($1575) it's the most expensive piece in Rooms To Go's Star Wars lineup, but if you've got siblings who don't mind sleeping in the same room, this X-Wing bed will fuel some pretty fantastic dreams every night. The fighter itself serves as a divider between the two beds, but it's also available in a single mattress version for $US600 ($788) that can be pushed up against a wall. However, if you've got the room, the double version is definitely the way to go.

[Rooms To Go via Nerd Approved]

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