The Most Incredible Cosplay Of New York Comic Con, Day One

New York Comic Con is in full swing and that means amazing news, interviews and yes, cosplay. So much amazing cosplay. Here's our absolute favourite cosplay from day one on the show floor.

All images by Evan Narcisse unless otherwise stated.

Who's a good Pikachu?

Doctor Mid-Nite is ready for action.

Batman '66, a Dark Knight Joker, and a lil' Suicide Squad Joker for good measure.


Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman, and She-Hulk show off those super-guns.

Another Aquaman, this time accompanied by his mighty steed.

Wonder Woman and Iron Fist pose with a fan.

Dark Lord Kylo Ren...

... Unmasked!

Arsenal and the Flash pose with Batman and Batgirl '66.

The Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly!

Majora's Mask's Skull Kid and a fairy.

Matt Murdock upgrades from defending Hell's Kitchen to defending all of New York... Comic Con.

Jason Voorhees is coming for you!

Suicide Squad Harley makes fun of the poor dead Robin of the DC movieverse.

Looks pretty good for a dead boy wonder, doesn't he?

Rick and Morty!

Guns of steel from Colossus.

Loki shows off his staff.

Bumblebee, ready to brawl.

Val-Zod of Earth-2.

Lady Two-Face!

A duo of Enchantresses.

Deadpool, sans mask.

The sinister coppers from trippy video game We Happy Few.

Not Clark Kent but Kenan Kong, the New Super-Man!

Beware the Scarecrow.

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