Telstra Is The Exclusive Telco For The Google Pixel In Australia

Image: Google

Google's latest, best and most carefully curated phone ever launches in Australia on October 20, and if you want to buy it on a contract there's only one place to go: Telstra. Australia's number one telco is the exclusive carrier partner for the latest phone by Google, and both the silver and black colours will be available.

Very Silver and Quite Black versions of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL — in both 32GB and 128GB internal storage capacities — will be available through Telstra, on "a range of Go Mobile Plus and My Business Mobile plans". One example that Telstra puts forward is the 5-inch Pixel 32GB (a phone with a $1079 RRP) on a $95 Go Mobile Plus plan including a total of 10GB data (8GB + 2GB bonus) with $4 monthly repayment costs, for a total overall cost of $2376 over 24 months.

What Telstra will get you is the fastest 4G in Australia, apparently: here's what the telco has to say. "The phones are driven by the latest Cat 11 4G LTE technology, which allows customers to tap into typical download speeds from 5Mbps to 200Mbps in 4GX areas — a third faster than any other phone in Australia."

If you're looking to buy a Pixel XL in store outright, though, you'll have to either head to JB Hi-Fi or buy online directly from Google. Telstra's pre-orders open... right now, actually, at 6:30AM on October 5 at this order page. [Telstra]

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