Some iPhone 7 Models Are 8 Times Slower Than Others

Image: Suppied

New test results show the 32GB iPhone 7 is a lot slower than the bigger, more expensive models — and some have dodgy 4G reception, too.

As reported by The Guardian, Unbox Therapy conducted the tests showing reading data from the storage of the 32GB model was 200Mbps slower than the 128GB version. Writing to the storage was 42Mbps, whereas the 128GB model was 341Mbps. That's just over eight times faster.

GSMArena's test results had the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus reach write speeds of 39.6Mbps, while the 128GB model hit 308Mbps.

Cellular Insights conducted tests on iPhone 7 Plus phones with model numbers A1778 and A1784 (with the Intel chip) and compared them to the A1660 and A1661 which contain the Qualcomm chip. The results showed the models with the Intel chip performed between 30 and 75 per cent poorer on the 4G network — so that means poorer reception and slower speeds. In fact, the Intel iPhone 7 Plus models overall had worse reception than the iPhone 6S.

[The Guardian]

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