Pauline Hanson Wants To Save Gamers From Australia's Terrible Internet

We are Australians. We play games online. We get our arses kicked because Australian internet is terrible. It's a disgrace. It's a damn disgrace.

But relax guys. Relax. Pauline Hanson is on the case. She knows. Pauline understands. Pauline Hanson is here to shake things up. Australian gamers, if Pauline Hanson has her way you will lose no more!

As you might already be aware, Pauline Hanson was recently elected to an NBN committee. She's already started doing the hard yards, on her Twitter account.

It all started with this tweet...

Then came this little nugget:

Those poor buggers in the bush. Someone give these kids their internet!

Pauline, we might not agree on literally any other policy you can imagine. You might be a terrifying racist who reflects a troubling shift in national political discourse, but at least we agree on this: UNACCEPTABLE.

(Also, this tweet. Because reasons.)

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