Optus Is Now Your Go-To For Mobile Video Streaming

Optus Is Now Your Go-To For Mobile Video Streaming

If you watch a lot of streaming video on your smartphone — while you’re commuting, during a lazy day at the beach or a hardcore one at the gym, or if you’re one of the surprisingly large number of young Aussies that don’t even have a hard-wired internet connection at home — then you’ll know exactly how much data it eats up. If you’re an Optus customer, you can just throw in an extra $10 per month and get a bunch of streaming services, now including iView and Stan, quota-free.

The new addition today of Stan and iView, as well as the standalone ABC’s KIDS iView app, to Optus’s existing bevy of quota-free video services in its Mobile TV Streaming bundle makes it the choice of carrier if you’re intending on binging a couple of seasons of UnREAL or Rick and Morty — or, god forbid, Black Mirror — on your phone or tablet.

iView is, hands down, the best TV streaming app in Australia — both for live TV and catch-up — and it’s a close race between Stan and Netflix for which is better for on-demand movies and full TV series. If you’re not really into keeping up with every single episode of The Block or The Bachelorette on free-to-air every week, then you could conceivably make do with just what Optus now offers quota-free on your mobile.

You’ll have to pay $10 extra per month on eligible Optus mobile plan — that’s a My Plan Plus or My Mobile Broadband plus plan, some of which we’ve linked below — to be able to stream Netflix, Stan, Presto, iView and KIDS iView without impacting your data cap. Some past Optus plans, though, already have quota-free streaming included — those with a $100 a month or higher spend. You’ll obviously have to have a subscription to any one of those paid streaming services, too, if you’re intending on viewing them.