Movie-Authentic Star Wars Helmets Were Used To Make These Stormtrooper Shot Glasses 

You know you're a dedicated Star Wars collector when you demand extreme accuracy even when it comes to a novelty shot glass. These inside-out Stormtrooper glasses from The Fowndry were created using Andrew Ainsworth's original 1976 helmet moulds, which means you really won't find anything more accurate.

Each glass holds 150mL of your favourite beverage, be it blue milk or something with a little more bite from a cantina. They do look a little tricky to clean, particularly for a dishwasher to get into all of the subtle detailing, so you might be better off hand washing each one. They will set you back £11.99 ($19) for each glass, but you can save a few bucks if you buy a pair of £21.99 ($35), which also helps ensure you're never drinking alone.


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