Mass Effect Designer Launches Animated Series About A Giant With A Tank Head

Mass Effect Designer Launches Animated Series About A Giant With A Tank Head

Warring angels, high-velocity music, and a tank-headed giant. Mass Effect: Andromeda cinematic designer Richard Boylan has officially confused me with Tank Head, his high-concept series of animated shorts. But that’s ok because it’s really, really pretty.

The first instalment of Tank Head, done in impressive rotoscope-style animation, tells the story of a guy who finds himself in the middle of a battle, involving angels, demons, and tanks. There’s a lot of fighting and running, all set to a really exciting track from Robert Slump. And yes, it ends with the man stepping inside a giant tank head and riding off into the sunset.

In an interview with io9, Boylan described the “what” of the series, that it’s about a guy landing in the middle of a non-specific war, but he didn’t really explain the “why.” That’s because he wants people to interpret it for themselves (though he did add that the giant tank visual comes from his days in the Canadian Army). Personally, it reminded me a bit of Saga, or at least how I envision the comic books series enacted in my head.

“I’d rather let people invent their own meaning behind the imagery,” he said.

Boylan said he’s not sure how many episodes he’ll do for the series, he’s keeping it loose for the time being. The next episode should be coming out in a couple of weeks, and he added that each one will have its own visual style, so the next one won’t look like a scene from “Take On Me.”