iFixit Cracks Open The Google Pixel XL, Gives Above Average Repair Score

There's nothing quite like a comprehensive teardown from the folks at iFixit and its latest piece on Google's Pixel XL is as good as you'd expect. While the site found a lot to like about the gadget's innards, such as the modular approach to its components, it had a lukewarm opinion regarding its ease of repair.

In terms of pulling the Pixel XL apart, you're in for a surprisingly smooth ride... once you get past the screen. It's secured mainly with T5 Torx screws, battery removal is aided by a tab and as previously mentioned, the internals are designed to be replaced without hassle.

Image: iFixit

As for the downsides, iFixit wasn't a fan of the display assembly. Compared to the rest of the phone, it was "difficult to open ... without damage", with press-fit notches complicating the process.

So, you'd think this sounds like a decent review, but overall, iFixit came away with a middling impression, awarding the Pixel XL a "Repairability Score" six out of ten.

If you ever do find yourself in a situation where you have to crack open your own XL, the site does have a dedicated service guide available.


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