Here's The Best Reason Yet To Get A Car With CarPlay Or Android Auto

Image: Apple

Want a new car? Yeah, I know, me too. If you want a good — no, the best — reason to buy a new car, how about the fact that any new car worth its salt will support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. And that means you can listen to non-stop ABC radio whenever and wherever you are.

The ABC Radio app for Android and iOS has just been updated with cross-platform support for both Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto systems. Over 20 stations — everything from Triple J and Double J to ABC Classic FM and 702 ABC Sydney — is included, and the quality is more than enough to equal even the best DAB+ digital radio stream.

It could be better — "due to infrastructure constraints", only 10 of the 56 ABC Local stations from around Australia are rebroadcast over the 'net — but we're not going to complain. Anything that's better than my car's stubby shitty FM reception will be a godsend, thanks. [ABC]

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