Here's Some Suicide Squad Concept Art That Will Be Starring In Your Nightmares Tonight

Concept artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer has followed in the footsteps of others by putting some Suicide Squad concept art up on his website. And it is freaky as hell. While all of Scheurer's art is gorgeous (seriously, check out the Joker and Harley near the bottom), I'm confident most of my upcoming nightmares are going to revolve around the many versions of the Eye-chantress he's posted. Here's a smattering for your imagination to conjure demons with:

Also, this incubus makes my soul scream:

The hands in the stomach, oh god, why?

And here's what is labelled the "Kiss of Death Chryssalis" [sic]. It's pretty trippy:

Sure, there are a few more normal scenes covered in the art, like a bunch of showdowns between the Enchantress' forces and Wallers.

And a few of Harley and the Joker:

But what's going to stick in your memory are the things that look like this:

See the rest on Sheurer's website. Sweet dreams.

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