Disney Makes The Obvious Choice And Puts Guy Ritchie In Charge Of The Live-Action Aladdin

You know, when I think "Aladdin", I instantly think "Guy Ritchie". It's an automatic association for me. In Disney's quest to turn every single one of its properties into an ouroboros of cartoon-sequel-live action remake-live action sequel-cartoon again, Aladdin is going to join Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella as a live-action movie. And they have somehow landed on Guy Ritchie as the director.

And given that Aladdin is a movie that takes place in the fictional Arabic country of Agrabah and is most beloved for the songs and the genie — and not the action sequences — Guy Ritchie is odd choice. The embodiment of the white macho id doesn't exactly scream Aladdin.

Oh well, whatever, Disney. You've made worse decisions with regard to these.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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