Deadpool 2 Is Considering David Leitch For Its New Director

When Deadpool director Tim Miller parted ways with the sequel to the hit R-rated superhero movie just this past weekend, it took most folks by surprise. Now Fox is searching for the person to fill the open position, and under consideration is John Wick director David Leitch. Variety reports that Fox was already talking to Leitch to head up a movie adaptation of X-Force. When Miller exited Deadpool 2, Leitch got the nod to join the upcoming Wade Wilson sequel. Aside from John Wick, Leitch's background is heavy on action, including stints as a stunt co-ordinator on Tron: Legacy and Speed Racer.

Deadline reports that while David Leitch is in the running, no decision has been made yet on a director — the shortlist includes The Martian's Drew Goddard and TV director Magnus Martens.

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