Carry Your Klingon Weapons (Or Laptop) In This Gorgeous Messenger Bag 

When you're storming into battle brandishing a Bat'leth, Daqtagh, Mek'leth and other traditional Klingon weapons, you're going to need an easy way to carry all those armaments — plus maybe a few snacks. This lovely messenger bag might not be part of the official Klingon uniform, but who says a warrior can't also be organised?

Capable of holding a laptop up to 15-inches in size, in addition to your battle necessities, the $US60 ($79) Klingon-themed bag is made of faux leather so no animals here on earth or on Qo'noS were harmed in its making. The bag's strap is made to look like a traditional Klingon Baldric, those stylish sashes that Worf was often seen wearing, and you'll even find a miniature Bat'leth adorning the bag's flap.

However, it's the patterned fabric used on the bag's interior, featuring silhouetted images of Klingon ships, weapons and symbols, that's the real star of the show here. Someone make me a suit from that fabric, please.


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