At $20 Each, These Potato Chips Must Be Made Of Pure Ambrosia

At $20 Each, These Potato Chips Must Be Made Of Pure Ambrosia

If you’re going to shell out $100 for potato chips, each crisp should be more filling than Elvish lembas bread, or pack so much flavour it’d put Willy Wonka’s entire catalogue to shame. I supposes the Swedish-based St Erik’s Brewery is aiming for the latter with this limited run, five-chip boxset.

Perhaps the world is running out of things to charge extortionate prices for, leaving St Erik’s little recourse but to assault the fertile lands of the humble potato chip. With the help of the Swedish National Culinary Team, the brewery put together 100 boxes containing five, hand-crafted crisps.

If they weren’t already sold out, you could pick one up for 499 kroner, or around $95 in local dollars.

So, what do they taste like? The strong, bitter flavour of money poorly spent? No, not exactly. According to St Erik’s, the chips are composed of matsutake, truffle seaweed, Leksand onion, crown dill, Ammarnäs potatoes and the brewery’s own India Pale Ale wort.

Well, they sound delicious enough. But $100 delicious? And it’s not like you can even store them — given the packaging, I doubt they’d retain their succulence for very long.

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