Apple Now Has Public Transport Maps For Melbourne

Image: Apple

Melbourne has the largest operating tram network in the world, with over 250km of track running around the city supporting over 3.5 million trips a week. It's pretty complicated. But Apple has finally turned its gaze open Australia's second best city, and can now guide you all the way from the centre of the CBD out through the suburbs and out to Melbourne Airport — y'know, so you can get back to a good city like Sydney.

Everything from the Yarra Trams network to the airport-bound SkyBus is supported by Maps now, which is a boon for a city where public transport is so bloody easy to use. What's better is that the Transit option within Apple Maps also includes accessibility options like underground walkways, ramps and wheelchair-friendly lifts. It also has a Nearby section that'll show restaurants and bars and shops.

Of course, apps like NextThere and TripView already handle public transport information extremely well, but integration into Apple Maps makes it ridiculously easy to just ask Siri how to get somewhere and have her take care of everything within Maps, including turn-by-turn directions. [Apple Maps]

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