Apple Forgets To Celebrate The iPod's 15th Birthday

Apple Forgets to Celebrate the iPod's 15th Birthday

Today is the iPod's 15th birthday, her Quiñceanera if you will. While some tech blogs celebrated — the International Business Times even coined it National iPod Day — the most important people appear to have forgotten: Apple, the iPod's own daddy. No press release. No tweet from the Apple official account, or Apple Music or Apple Support. No tweet from Tim Cook. Steve Jobs is too busy either hanging with the tech angels in future heaven to notice, or caught in a circle of hell where the fires are fuelled by Galaxy Note 7s, weeping for his sweet iPod.

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Apple still makes the iPod touch, nano and shuffle, but no longer lists it on its website's navigation. In 2015, the company announced it would stop reporting its iPod sales. Once the pride and joy of Apple, the iPod has now been sequestered on the island of obsolete tech.

Apple Forgets to Celebrate the iPod's 15th Birthday


My dad's forgotten my birthday before, so I understand how much this can sting. So happy birthday, iPod. Gizmodo is here for you.

On October 23, 2001, a turtleneck-wearing wacko named Steve Jobs introduced the world to his precious little daughter, the iPod. A sleek, white chunkster with a big beautiful wheel on her belly, the iPod innovated the mp3 device. After all, it was ultimately the iPod who mothered her much sexier successor, the iPhone.

Remember those classic iPod commercials? Here's a supercut of them for 13 minutes straight. I could not make it past the 1 minute mark, but the readers of Gizmodo are likely far more charitable than I.

Here's a piece of forgotten iPod history: 10 years before Apple inflicted a U2 album onto us, the company attempted to inflict a U2 iPod onto the world.

Apple Forgets to Celebrate the iPod's 15th Birthday

Image: Getty It's a bittersweet birthday for the iPod; she's so close to being dead it feels like Apple is keeping her on life support. The least the company could do is show her some respect. We have reached out to remind Apple of its daughter's birthday, and will update the story if we get a response.

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