ACCC: Yes, The Note7 Is Being Recalled

ACCC: Yes, The Note7 Is Being Recalled

In case you’ve missed all the news yesterday and today, Australia’s government Product Safety division is making sure you get the message: if you bought a Samsung Galaxy Note7, give it up. Don’t keep it. Return it and get your money back or swap to another phone.

The ACCC’s Product Safety Recalls website for the Galaxy Note7 has been updated with today’s official Samsung Australia recall notice.

Samsung has issued a full, complete, unequivocal recall for the Galaxy Note7 in Australia and worldwide — both for the original phone, once recalled, and the replacements for those devices that were delivered to customers.

We want to add to the chorus of voices telling you — the Samsung Galaxy Note7 owner that wants to hold onto their phone — to return it. Sure, your phone might seem fine now, but it’ll seem fine until it catches fire.

Don’t risk it. It’s not worth it. It’s just a phone.