A Lightsaber Academy Is Forcing Its Way Into The US

A Lightsaber Academy Is Forcing Its Way Into The US

LudoSport, a competitive lightsaber training academy, is opening up its first studio in the United States. Hopefully losing a hand isn’t required for admission.

Credit: Screengrab via YouTube

LudoSport is a 10-year-old academy that was started in Milan by a couple of friends, and has since grown into an international business, with schools all over Europe, as well as Russia. The new school in San Francisco will be the first one in the United States, no surprise it’s being opened in the same city that Lucasfilm is located in. LudoSport funded the US expansion earlier this year through IndieGoGo, and hopes to expand into more cities.

The school teaches seven forms of lightsaber combat while levelling from Padawan to Knight, letting you figure out what type of Star Wars canon you want to emulate. You can focus on offence, defence, balance, or just being a massive dick (I’m assuming, Darth Maul wasn’t exactly a nice guy). They even teach Ataru, the gravity-defying form Yoga employed in Revenge of the Sith.

For those interested in more than just levelling up, LudoSport also hosts competitions. Or if you want to be an even more massive dick, you can challenge another student to a duel.