What's Your Favourite Thing About Star Trek?

Or your least favourite thing? Or your best memory tangentially related to Star Trek? Really, just treat this as a place to talk about anything Star Trek-related. For example, who dressed up as a salt vampire to honour the episode that started it all 50 years ago? Look. As has been made abundantly clear not just in the last weeks, but in the years I have worked here, I love Star Trek. And my favourite part is —

She's going to say "everything".

— Excuse me, voice in my head, no interrupting. Anyway, when it comes to Star Trek, we're spoiled for choice. There are so many shows, movies, books, comics, games and so on to choose a favourite from —

She's going to say "everything".

Please stop talking, voice in my head that also takes control of my hands while I'm typing sometimes. Although to be fair, the voice only I can hear is right — my favourite thing about Star Trek is everything. I love every one of the shows, even if my love of Enterprise is more like exasperated fondness. I love it when Star Trek is bad, because it is so good at being awful. I watched "Spock's Brain" yesterday and I couldn't have been happier! "Everything" is the correct answer to "What do you like best about Star Trek?" but I'm willing to hear other opinions.

I told you she was going to say "everything".

Shut up.

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