Watch This Crab Enjoy Human Food With Elegant Sophistication

Video: Before I happened upon this video, I would have assumed that a crab would devour its meal haphazardly, primitively. Apologies for misjudging. Turns out crustaceans, much like stars, are just like us! Or at least they enjoy their food with the endearing precociousness of a human toddler. Luckily, the crab owners of the world have blessed us with many a YouTube video of the beloved shellfish gently picking at some popular delicacies. May I interest you in a crab consuming an onion ring with grace and civility?

Or some beef?

These videos serve as a reminder that even the most unexpected creatures can be cute as hell. Moreover, follow the crab's example. Slow down and enjoy your food. Soak up the goodness with poise and patience.

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