Warner Bros Flags Warner Bros For Copyright

Warner Bros Flags Warner Bros For Copyright

In an effort to rid the entire internet of the scourge that is pirated content, Warner Bros. has gotten a little heavy handed — including its own websites in a copyright complaint to Google.

Torrentfreak reports Warner Bros has submitted over four million URLs for review this year alone, on the back of pressure from film studios for Google to altogether remove sites like The Pirate Bay from search results.

Among those four million URLs were a number of sites not actually containing any illegally obtained content. Such as Warner Bros own site, for example, along side IMDB listings, and a link to Amazon where you can actually buy the films.




Warner Bros. utilised the services of Vobile to submit the copyright claims, a company who “offers solutions to help content owners protect, measure and monetise movies and TV content across the Internet and on all screens”.

Google spotted the mistake and didn’t take down the official IMDB and Amazon links, but the Warner Bros. links are still under review. Google being a little cheeky, perhaps?