Wait, What: Fox Is Making An Action Movie With ’70s Stan Lee As The Hero

Wait, What: Fox Is Making An Action Movie With ’70s Stan Lee As The Hero
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Fox. Is making a movie. Set in the ’70s. In which a young Stan Lee — not current Marvel movie cameo extraordinaire Stan Lee — stars. As a “Roger Moore as James Bond” style hero. With an alter ego. What the actual what is going on?

Stan and one of his lesser-known creations. From the cover of Stan Lee Meets the Amazing Spider-Man, by Olivier Coipel.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Fox has purchased the life rights to Stan Lee, and instead of making a movie about Lee’s rise to comics royalty in his time at Marvel, they will be making an entirely fictional adventure in which a 1970s era Stan Lee is the main character. Said main character is described as being like Roger Moore’s Bond by the site, and given that sources told THR that the movie would share its tone with something like Kingsman: The Secret Service, it sounds like film would essentially be a sort of parody spoof/homage to the classic Bond movies of the ’70s.

Just, you know… starring Stan Lee.

Will this insane movie actually get made? If it does, will Stan Lee cameo in the Stan Lee movie? What alternate reality/nightmarish existence did I slip into when I got out of bed this morning that allowed this to real? We have answers to none of those questions, but we will of course bring you more about the Stan Lee movie as we know it.

What the hell, you guys.