Vodafone Now Owns Lebara Mobile In Australia

Vodafone Now Owns Lebara Mobile In Australia

Vodafone has been shopping, and picked up Lebara’s Australian mobile business assets — taking over its mobile base and the right to use the Lebara brand in Australia. Since the company has been a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) for Vodafone since 2009, Lebara customers are already technically on the telco’s 4G network — so little will change.

Vodafone Chief Strategy Officer Dan Lloyd said it will “also be business as usual” for all of Lebara Mobile’s employees and customer service agents, but the deal will see the Lebara Mobile brand supported by the resources of Vodafone.

“Lebara Mobile has established a market-leading niche, enabling migrant communities to stay connected with their loved ones abroad, particularly through very competitive and award-winning international mobile calling,” he said, “With the corporate resources of Vodafone behind it, we expect the Lebara Mobile brand to become an even stronger force in the Australian mobile market”.

Lebara Group Chairman and CEO Yoganathan Ratheesan said his company prides itself on serving the global migrant community. “Our Lebara Mobile Australia customers have benefited from our long-term relationship with VHA for many years and we are working with Vodafone to ensure a seamless transition,” said Mr Ratheesan.

Lebara Mobile products will continue to be sold through existing retail partners including Coles, Woolworths and a large range of convenience store outlets around Australia, and if you need customer service the Lebara Mobile 126 122 number is still the one to call.