This 'The Conjuring 2' Mirror Prank Is Pretty Much My Worst Fear

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Confession time. I can't look in the mirror in a dark room. Blame it on far too many horror films, or attempts at conjuring "Bloody Mary" as a kid.

Bringing all my fears to life, the people at The Conjuring 2 decided to prank a bunch of viewers with that now-famous spooky nun. And the results are pretty funny. Check the guy out at the end!

Screw. That.

I can't be alone here. Do mirrors freak you out as well? Let us know in the comments!

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    Mirrors freak some people out because they have mirrored-self misidentification: the delusional belief that the reflection in the mirror is someone else who just happens to look the same as they do and does the same things.

    Happens a lot in dementia.

    But our minds are fallible, so maybe even healthy people can get unnerved by their own reflection at times in something like a similar way.

      It happens in perfectly healthy people too, if the conditions are right.

    My in-laws last house had a light in the bathroom that flickered a few times before staying on. I was sure that one night there would be a ghost/serial killer/evil clown behind me when I looked in the mirror. Too many horror movies too young.

    Got to the last guy, spat water all over my laptop screen.

    Thanks for nothing, Gizmodo.

      That last guy LMAO he will survive any horror movie, armed with nothing but a bottle of water hahaha

        It reminded me of this, but in a less 'OH GOD I HOPE SHE'S OK' way.

      I was only mildly amused until that guy, he actually made me laugh out loud.

      Last edited 22/09/16 7:24 am

    Was amused until I saw posters for angry birds the movie and similar recent titles .. ruined the illusion haha

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