The Mythbusters Build Team Is Heading To Netflix

The Mythbusters Build Team Is Heading To Netflix

Credit: Getty Images
Mythbusters may have booted out its Three Musketeers shortly before the entire series was shut down, but the M7 Build Team is coming back with a new Netflix show about the dark corners of web science.

The announcement came during a panel at DragonCon on Saturday. The new series, which stars Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci, and Kari Byron, will be called The White Rabbit Project. According to Nerdist, it was described at the panel as “Mythbusters in Wonderland,” where they go down the rabbit hole of the internet to find topics and experiments.

The panel included a teaser clip of Byron and Belleci enjoying some wine while trying out an experiment. One person said Byron was controlling a wired-up Belecci remotely, while another said they were both hooked up to wires and Byron was trying to induce electronic muscle stimulation. Either way, sounds pretty cool.

Imahara’s also been sharing tons of photos on his Twitter account from his “new show” since he started filming earlier this year. Given it includes photos of him pushing “Fire” buttons and dressing up like Dr. Horrible, I’m guessing it’s probably the same program. Plus, there’s these guys. Kinda gives it away.

The White Rabbit Project is originally the name of a mid-2000s internet project involving industry and university professionals, which was designed to make a fully deterministic (i.e. not random) Ethernet-based network for speedy data transfer. The Netflix show will likely have less Synchronous Ethernet and more robot arms making shitty sandwiches. All I’m saying is Simone Giertz better damn well make a cameo.…

The White Rabbit Project debuts on Netflix Dec. 9. One panel attendee said it will run for 10 episodes.