Qantas Will Spruce Up Your Out-Of-Office Email With Instagram Travel Snaps

Video: Out-of-office emails are boring. To be fair, though, they're only boring to the people that get them — while you're out of the office sunning yourself on holiday, you don't really care. If you want to make your email buddies even more jealous, though, you can now turn your away message into a travel diary of your Instagram photos.

Qantas Out Of Office is a new experiment from the company that hooks into your Instagram feed and your email account — Hotmail or Gmail at the moment, including Google For Work addresses. When you're sitting on the plane, about to take off, you set your out-of-office email at the Qantas website — you just throw in the dates you're away, where you're going, and a quick message. Then, while you're on holiday, any Instagram photo that you tag #qantasoutofoffice will be added into a 'travelogue' email signature that automatically replies to the emails you receive.

If you're an Instagram fiend — and you have plenty of mobile data while you're travelling — then this looks like a pretty great way to make all your friends that aren't already tracking your Insta even more jealous of your travels than they were before. The Qantas Out Of Office site also builds you a bespoke webpage of your Instagrammed holiday photos that you'll be able to send manually, too. [Qantas]

All images: Qantas

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