LIVE: Watch Sony’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show Conference Right Here

LIVE: Watch Sony’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show Conference Right Here

Given that the Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner, it’s natural for Sony to make some announcements ahead of the show. And while not everything Sony announces this afternoon is expected to make its way to our shores, there should be some new footage and plenty of entertainment nonetheless.

Sony has been pretty open about the fact that the briefing “is aimed squarely at Japanese gamers”, but even with that in mind there should be a few things shown off to capture the eye of audiences here.

I’d be surprised, for one, if a prime slot wasn’t devoted towards Final Fantasy XV. There should be a bit more info about the Final Fantasy 7 remake too, and it would be nice to see a bit more about The Last Guardian particularly given this morning’s disappointing delay.

On the more hopeful side, I’d like to see how the Ni No Kuni sequel is shaping up. If the original could get a remaster for PS4 — or even just a straight re-release — I’d be thrilled by that, since having to use the PS3 is a miserable experience these days.

Kingdom Hearts will probably pop up somewhere, given the leaked 2.8 trailer that appeared earlier today. Another Danganronpa game might be on the cards, and it would be weird if there wasn’t some Persona 5 action to boot.

The action’s being broadcast through YouTube this time; their Twitch channel at the time of writing was just playing footage from the PS4 Pro conference on repeat. So if you want to tune in and see what Sony’s pitching to the Japanese market, follow the feed below.