Leslie Jones Returns To Twitter: ‘I Always Get Back Up’

Leslie Jones Returns To Twitter: ‘I Always Get Back Up’

Good news for the undeserving people of Twitter.com: Leslie Jones has, again, returned to bless us with her tweets.

The Ghostbusters actress has had quite a saga with the social media platform. In July, she briefly quit after Breitbart tech blogger Milo Yiannopolous got his alt-right army of Twitter monsters to inundate her with racist and misogynist tweets back. Twitter, in response, booted Yiannopolous off the platform. Hackers then took over Jones’s website, posting nude pictures of the star, along with images of her passport and driver’s licence. After that, she again disappeared from Twitter.

Jones resurfaced this Saturday, tweeting about the Golden Girls and a weird Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial. The reason for her return?

Happy birthday Leslie! May you be rewarded with more tweets from people like Julian, and less harassment from white nationalists!

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