Last Minute Father's Day Gifts For Your Entertainment Loving Dad

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It's Friday afternoon, and with Father's Day this Sunday you've already got his present sitting, wrapped, patiently waiting to be gifted.



If your Dad loves his movies, music and books on the go, then this is the gift guide for you. Last minute pressies go go go!

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Elon Musk (Audiobook)

An Audible membership is pretty handy ($14.95 a month isn't a big price to pay, either — not for your beloved Dad, at least), and better yet it means you can gift him last minute presents, like the Elon Musk biography. Perfect for if you're constantly forgetful, but still want to be thoughtful.


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Stan Subscription

Stan is often overlooked for the better-known Netflix when it comes to streaming TV and movies, but it has some seriously good exclusive content worth introducing to your Dad. Wolf Creek, Californication, 11.22.63 and Better Call Saul are among the highlights, and the back catalpogue is getting better every month. It's easy to access on a Smart TV, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone — he'll have plenty of options for some me-time. Check out the latest here.

From $20

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Spotify Gift Card

So your Dad is a hardcore music-lover? Why buy him one CD (what even is that?) when you can buy them a library of music? Spotify Premium subscriptions can be given a printable e-card so it's dead easy to get at the last minute. Basically you're giving him the gift of not having to listen to Spotify ads, which quite frankly may just bring tears to his eyes.

From $11.99

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Amazon Kindle Gift Card

If he doesn't have a Kindle already, you could always get him one. But if he's a loyal e-reader fan and you're running low on time, you can pick a gift card design in any amount you'd like him to splurge on books and print it off, ready to go for Sunday. As much as you want to spend!

Deep breath. You did it.

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