Kate Beckinsale Dons Her Leather Battlesuit Yet Again For The New Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer

Video: The Underworld movies have been pitting vampires and werewolves against each other since 2003, which is kind of amazing. In the fifth instalment, Blood Wars, Kate Beckinsale is back in goth badarse mode as Selene, whose enhanced vampire blood could tip the scales if it falls into the wrong hands... er, claws. But who really cares about the plot? These movies mostly about catsuits, capes, sneering threats, murky mythology, gun battles, artfully messy hairdos and slo-mo fight scenes. Clearly people are still going to see 'em, otherwise we wouldn't be getting a fifth instalment.

Beckinsale's co-stars this time around include series regulars Theo James and Charles Dance, as well as new addition Tobias Menzies (Outlander). Seasoned cinematographer and effects artist Anna Foerster makes her feature directing debut; the film is due in December.

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